Welcome to Pig Trails, Inc.

About Us

Our staff & volunteers

Beverly Smith is the founder of Pig Trails. She has been involved in rescue many years and is currently animommy to 4 dogs, 5 cats, 1 iguana, and, of course, a mini pig. She also volunteers at animal shelters across the country teaching Reiki and animal massage.

Our history

This all started with Aristotle. Not the famous Greek figure unenthusiastically studied by high school students today, but a highly philosophical mini pig recently born in the United States. Upon rescuing him from a horrible situation, Beverly quickly realized there is a massive amount of abused and homeless mini pigs, and she had to help. After working with many rescues to determine how she could best help, Beverly founded Pig Trails to fill the need for transport and a "do not adopt" list that can be nationally utilized for all adoptable animals. Both she and Aristotle hope that one day this organization will be unnecessary.

Our mission

Pig Trails, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and placement opportunities of mini pigs in shelters and rescues. Our main functions are to offer mini pig transportation services to rescues and shelters and to create a national "do not adopt" list to help eradicate placement of animals in abusive homes. OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL, IN EVERY TASK WE DO, IS TO ENSURE NO MINI PIG EVER ENDS UP IN AN UNSAFE SITUATION.

(Photo Credit: Once Upon a Prayer Sanctuary and Rescue)