The Truth About Mini Pigs


We have nothing to gain by lying (unlike breeders).

Your pig will most likely get big. We're talking 80-150 pounds average and up to 300 pounds big. That's a lot of pig. And like a well-wrapped present, you don't know what you're getting until they're fully grown in 5 years (yep, they grow for the first 5 years of their lives). Tricks some breeders use: * lying about parents' ages and saying they are full grown * selling the piglets younger than 8 weeks old (causes behavioral issues due to being weaned too early) * underfeeding the pigs or supplementing with food that is low in calories and lacking in proper nutrients (causes severe health issues and very premature death)

Most homes are not meant for a mini pig. A mini pig on a rampage can destroy your floors, walls, and furniture. Pigs are intelligent and get bored easily. When they don't have piggy friends and can't roam outside and practice piggy behavior (ROOTING) they become unhappy.  Additionally, they WILL tear up your yard. Some breeders advocate nose rings--these are cruel and inhumane and should NEVER be done.

Pigs and children don't always get along. Again, pigs are big. They accidentally knock over children in their paths, try to assert herd dominance over smaller children, steal food, and sometimes accidentally bite sticky fingers. 

Mini pigs and dogs don't get along. Pigs are prey; dogs are predators. A mini pig can easily anger a dog and get killed. Even the "best" friendship can change in a second. NEVER leave a mini pig and dog alone together.

Mini pigs MUST be spayed and neutered. An unspayed male (boar) does not make a good housepet and unspayed femailes almost always develop tumors. Spaying and neutering can be very expensive and dangerous--especially for larger pigs.

Mini pigs are loud. We're talking soul crushing sounds that will have your neighbors calling the police to report a homicide. They have a lot to say and they share it all day (and sometimes all night) long.

Pigs have tusks. Removing them is inhumane. Would you want part of your jaw removed? It's the same as that.

Mini pigs are NOT like dogs. They are very advanced pets that require time, money, training, research, and patience. 

You may not be allowed to own a mini pig. Check your zoning laws!

Thousands of pet pigs are homeless and rescues are full. At least 93% of pigs end up homeless or rehomed and many are passed around to multiple homes before they either make it to safety or die. ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!

This is just the beginning. Mini pigs DO make great pets...for the RIGHT homes. Please read all you can before adopting. Call us any time (we love to inform) and start with reading these pages:

Mini Pig Info

Pig Placement Network