Vision Statement


Pig Trails, Inc. plans to serve the mini pig rescue community by:

  • creating and managing a national transportation network devoted to pigs--although rescues and shelters will be granted priority, individuals are welcome to apply for services
  • creating a national do not adopt registry compiled from all animal rescues and shelters in the United States and inclusive of all species, this list will help ensure that abusive homes do not get to adopt animals
  • facilitating communication and partnership between mini pig rescues and shelters
  • educating the public on the realities of mini pig ownership and the overpopulation crisis
  • offering solutions and support to mini pig owners to prevent rehoming
  • maintaining a rescue assistance fund to grant funds to mini pig rescues that encounter financial hardships
  • long-term: opening a rescue sanctuary that partners with area schools to offer educational programs or building a charter school around a mini pig sanctuary